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Your Requirement to PhysioCall.com.au --> Non-Attendance and cancellations

We require a minimum of four (4) hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations. This allows other patients in pain who require attention the opportunity to take your cancelled appointment. A non-attendance fee (equivalent to the booked consultation) will be charged if an appointment is changed or cancelled within four hours, or if the appointment is not attended.

Our Requirement to You --> Non-Attendance and cancellations

We will give you a minimum of  four (4) hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations. This allows you the opportunity to best plan your day. If a therapist needs to cancel or rebook, every effort will be made to get you in with another in house therapist or next available time slot. A therapist non-attendance consultation (equivalent to the booked consultation) will be given to you if an appointment is changed or cancelled within four hours. 

How to avoid non-attendance or cancellation charge: 

- Give us a minimum of 4hrs to reschedule a booked appointment

- Plan to arrive before the start of your booked appointment

How to pay your non-attendance or cancellation: 

1) Over the phone using your credit card - call 07 4962 0411

2) Request an Email link provided by admin with details to pay for your non-attendance. 

3) In clinic - 25 Philip Street South Gladstone, QLD 4680


Each service is billed for the physiotherapists time:        

Standard consultation 30mins 

Standard plus 40mins 

Long consultation (More than one area) 

Short consultation 

Standard Consultation

A half-hour Initial Consultation is charged for each new episode.  This includes an acute recurrence of previous injury. For each new episode / injury, the initial consultation includes: history taking, physical assessment, diagnostic formulation, goal setting, management planning, intervention, clinical recording.

We aim to determine the nature of your condition, outline a plan of attack to alleviate the problem, and commence treatment of the condition. If physiotherapy management would be inappropriate, we would refer you to an appropriate health care practitioner.

Standard Consultations are also half an hour and include reassessment, clinical recording, and intervention. These consultations provide a means for continuing management of your condition, by continuing treatment according to the progress of your condition.

Long Consultations - Two Areas Appointments (More than one area to treat)

These appointments last one hour and are necessary to adequately manage two separate injuries/conditions.

Short Consultations

Short consultations last fifteen minutes. You may only be charged for a short consultation if your physiotherapist only requires this amount of time for continuation of your care.

Short Consultation by phone sometimes a face-to-face consultation is not practical or not warranted. A short consultation by phone is often the answer. A telephone consultation is a clinical discussion that progresses the treatment program. It utilises the physiotherapist’s clinical expertise and is charged at the rate equivalent to a Short Consultation. The clinical content will be recorded in your file. 


Report to Doctor Should you require us to send a written report to your doctor/specialist confirming your progress, please inform your physiotherapist; at a short consultation charge.

Whole-body Musculoskeletal Assessment

We offer a whole-body Musculoskeletal Assessment lasting approximately one hour. We also provide a written report of all biomechanical findings. These are useful if you are about to undertake a physical exercise program, for example with a personal trainer, and will be tailored to your own individual needs.  Total time billed is one and one quarter hours.

Medico-Legal Report These are often requested by solicitors for litigation purposes, for example to be used as evidence in a Third Party Insurance claim for compensation of an injury. These require extensive work and are billed at three hours of a physiotherapist’s time.

Physiotherapist Speaker

Health Promotion a cost-effective way of educating a number of people at once is by hiring a physio-therapist for a Health Promotion lecture. Examples of this could be a lecture to an office on sitting posture / correct desk-sitting alignment, or to a group of rowers on correct biomechanical technique. These are charged by the hour.

Home Visits

Home Visit / Offsite Consultation Sometimes the situation arises where it is impossible/impractical for patients to travel in to the clinic. We offer the home visit service to cater for this. This half hour consultation is billed at one hour to include the travel time required. 

Injury prevention injury rehabilitation performance enhancement

Physiotherapists are expert in assessing and treating movement-related injuries and pain. Physiotherapy treatment enhances recovery from injuries, rapidly eliminates pain, and prevents recurrence of injury. 

Some of the various conditions we treat include:

Spinal Pain

low back, upper back and neck

Sports-specific injuries

eg football, running, rowing, tennis, volleyball, rugby, swimming, crossfit, dancing, gymnastics and gym related injuries 

Traumatic injuries

whiplash, ankle sprains,  shoulder/knee joint dislocations

The breadth of physiotherapy treatment allows for complete rehabilitation from injury. Techniques we employ improve joint motion, retrain muscle control, and improve nerve function. By ensuring ALL facets of the problem are normalised, we maximize the chance of long lasting results.